Fruit Club Creations

Est 2022


Starting prices are displayed. Prices will vary based on complexity and features added. Prices are in USD.

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Starting at $2200

Built on a hand carved foam base
Static Jaw, 2D eyes, Velcro tongue, Eye and mouth ventilation, Neoprene lining


Mini partials: Starting at $2700Partial: Starting at $3000

Mini Partial includes: head, hands, tailPartial includes: head, hands, feet, tail (option of indoor or outdoor style feetpaws)


Starting at $350

All paws are lined and finished with a minky cuff. I use patterns created by different makers and am always happy to experiment with a new style.


Starting at $400

All feetpaws are lined and finished with a minky cuff. I use patterns created by different makers and am always happy to experiment with a new style. You can choose indoor style or outdoor style bottoms.


Small: Start at $60
Medium: Start at $220
Large: Start at $320
Floor dragger: Start at $450

Nylon belt loops are used to hold the tail. Medium to Floor Dragger sized tails come with a foam base to help with stability. A removable wrist strap and/or a zipper can be added for extra.


Starting at $70

Unlined. Finished tops with minky cuff. Attached with strong elastic strap.


- Magnetic Eyelids: +$30 a pair
- Extra Velcro tongue: +$15
- Claw Sheaths: +$50
- Feetpaw zipper Installation: +$30
- Removable wrist strap: +$25
- Zipper Installation: +$30
Feel free to message me if you want something that’s not listed here and we can discuss details!

Terms of Service

By doing business with me you, the client, agree to the following terms of service. Failure to comply will result in termination of business and a blacklist from all related accounts.

- Must be 18+ to commission. I reserve the right to ask for an ID.
- A clear, SFW, 2-sided reference sheet is required. Front and back design must be displayed, side view is encouraged.
- I have the right to refuse service for any reason.
- I do not make SPH/NSFW parts. As long as you are 18+, I am fine with you creating NSFW content with your suit.
- All listings are in USD
- All transactions will be made through Stripe. You don't need to make a Stripe account, the invoice is sent to your email. If Stripe is not accepted in your country then we will default to PayPal
- A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE downpayment will be required
- Payment plans up to 3 weeks long are accepted for commissions over $1500. I will not start on your project until paid in full.
- Once your project is complete I will not accept refunds
- Please contact me as soon as possible if you need a refund.
- If your project is almost complete you will NOT receive a refund.
- If I haven't started your project yet, I will refund you the full amount after the initial downpayment
- Please understand I will keep the 30% downpayment. Don't make a purchase you can't afford.
- Shipping cost is not included in the initial price. Shipping rates change all the time, and I will only quote you for shipping right before your project is shipped out.
- Client must pay for shipping
- All packages will be tracked, it is up to the client if they want to insure the package. IF YOU CHOOSE TO NOT INSURE YOUR PACKAGE I WILL NOT REFUND YOU IF IT BECOMES LOST IN THE MAIL.
- Client must pay for customs/import fees if shipping outside of the US.
Completion and Deadlines
- Your project will only begin once it is paid in full.
- A project’s “start date” is indicated by when I actively begin working on your project. This is not when you are added to the queue.
- Completion time can vary based on the complexity of the project.
- I strive to complete commissions in 3-4 months after the start date, but keep in mind I am a college student and not a full time maker. School is a priority, and if I need to take time off of suit making I will inform the client.
- If no work has been done for 6 months after the initial start date, a full refund will be issued.
- I will not take strict deadlines. If you want a suit in time for an event (ex: convention), please make sure the event is at least 6 months out.
- I will contact the client through Twitter and/or Telegram.
- I will message the client about materials and any questions I might have.
- Clients are free to message me with any questions they might have on Twitter @curleigh_fries or Telegram @curleighfries
- WIPs will be posted to my telegram WIP channel and Twitter
Anything Else
- Please keep in mind I am a newer maker! I do take pride in my quality, but I am always learning and improving.
- My suits have a one year warranty on repairs. Client will have to pay shipping.
- My suits come from a smoke and pet free home
- Clients displaying problematic or unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated and service will be terminated. If a problematic individual ends up owning one of my suits, let it be known that I do not condone their actions.
- I want to see my suits out in the world! Don't be afraid to tag me @fruitclubc if you took a picture wearing a suit I created.


How do I know when you’re open for quotes or commissions?
I will make a public post on my Twitter! Always check there for the latest info
What don’t you make?
At this time I do not make or work with:
- Bodysuits
- NSFW parts
- Non-foam bases
- Moving Jaws
- Hardware (ex: LED lights, fans)
Do you accept payment plans?
Yes, but only for commissions over $1200. A 30% non-refundable downpayment is required upfront. After this deposit is paid, you have 2 weeks to pay off the rest of the commission.
Could you make my suit in another makers style?
NO! If you like that maker’s style go commission them! The only time I will emulate a maker’s style is if I’m using their pattern with their permission.
I require certain accessibility options to wear a fursuit. Can you do that?
This will be a case by case basis, but generally yes! Your suit should be safe and comfortable to wear no matter the needs. We can talk more about what I’m capable of doing for you.